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  1. Who is my contact if I own a property that Starbucks may be interested in leasing?
    Our store development team may be interested in your property. Just phone the store development director in your area— check the   regional map  to determine which regional office...
    Date Updated: 02/04/2013
  2. Does Starbucks franchise?
    Sorry, but we don't franchise.
    Date Updated: 10/12/2012
  3. Where do I find information and links to the information I need as a Starbucks Landlord?
    We created a new web page with everything you need.  Please go here for more information.
    Date Updated: 10/22/2012
  4. How can my business serve Starbucks coffee and products?
    You can visit us at to find information on Starbucks Branded Solutions.  
    Date Updated: 10/12/2012