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  1. How can I make a comment about the service I received, or an experience I had, at a Starbucks store?
    We always welcome your feedback about our service and your in store experience – whether you found it friendly and helpful, or it fell short of your expectations. Please Contact Us with your...
    Date Updated: 05/01/2013
  2. How do I qualify for a cup discount?
    You can get $.10 off any beverage (except bottled and ready-to-drink) when you bring in a personal cup. Any personal cup qualifies for the discount. If you bring in a competitor's paper cup, we'll...
    Date Updated: 08/07/2013
  3. Free Wi-Fi in Starbucks Stores
    Starbucks company-owned stores offer unlimited Internet access to customers with Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Wi-Fi is free and does not require an account or...
    Date Updated: 09/20/2013
  4. How can I request that a Starbucks store open in my neighborhood?
    We recommend you post your request at My Starbucks .
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  5. Are the store hours shown in the Store Finder accurate?
    We make every effort to make sure the store hours are accurate but on rare occasions store hours may change unexpectedly. Also, you should know that store lobby hours may differ from drive-thru...
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  6. How can I find a Starbucks location near me?
    Check out our Store Finder for locations around the world.
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  7. Where can I find the furniture and design elements found in Starbucks stores?
    Sorry, we’re under legal obligation not to give out information about our vendors or manufacturers to the general public. If you’re interested in finding specific design elements, we suggest seeking...
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  8. Why doesn't my Starbucks store show up on the Store Finder map?
    If your store is outside the range shown on the map, you may need to search by city or use a ZIP code that is closer to the store’s location.
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  9. Can I narrow my search to find stores that are open now?
    The  Store Finder offers search filters that let you narrow your search. Try it to find a store that is open now or has a drive-thru, among other options.
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012