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  1. Where can I find allergen information?
    Allergen information is not available online for our beverage selections at this time.  If you have an allergen concern, please feel free to ask our baristas to check the ingredient...
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  2. Free Wi-Fi in Starbucks Stores
    Starbucks company-owned stores offer unlimited Internet access to customers with Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Wi-Fi is free and does not require an account or...
    Date Updated: 09/20/2013
  3. Why do some stores carry different menu items than my store?
    That's a good question.  There are a few reasons why.  Sometimes we try out new products and they are only available in a certain region.  Some regions offer different...
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  4. Why isn’t my drink listed on the menu?
    We make available all currently offered drinks. There may be some drinks that are no longer regularly available, but you should ask your barista.
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012
  5. Are your beverages kosher?
    No – although most of our beverage components are certified kosher.   Sorry, we are not able to prepare kosher beverages in our stores.
    Date Updated: 09/05/2012