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  1. Why didn't I get my Bonus Star?
    If you have not received a Bonus Star from an offer please check the following: Did you receive an e-mail with an offer directly from Starbucks? Many  My Starbucks Rewards® offers are...
    Date Updated: 04/29/2015
  2. What is a Bonus Star?
    Periodically, the  My Starbucks Rewards™ program may offer a Bonus Star  as an incentive to select members to earn Stars faster. With some offers, when you purchase one of our featured...
    Date Updated: 05/07/2015
  3. How do I redeem a Star Code?
    To redeem a Star Code , visit and enter in the Star Code in the appropriate field. Note that there is a limit of two (2) Star Code entries per day.
    Date Updated: 05/08/2015
  4. Can I earn more than 1 free reward before I redeem? Is there a limit to how many free rewards I can have at any given time?
    You continue to earn free rewards for every 12 Stars – and the rewards stay on your account until you use them or they expire.  There is no limit to the number of rewards you can have in...
    Date Updated: 09/04/2012
  5. Do I get to choose when I use my free drink or food reward? I like to choose something special and I don’t want my free reward to automatically deduct when I’m not expecting it to.
    Yes. You are in control of your rewards! Even though your free reward is loaded onto your Card, you have to tell your barista when you want to use it. It does not deduct automatically on your next...
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013
  6. Why are you charging for syrup and soy?
    We are constantly looking for ways to improve the My Starbucks Rewards™ program for our customers, and sometimes that change involves trade-offs. We have made it easier for our members to earn free...
    Date Updated: 10/14/2013
  7. Do I get to keep my Gold Card?
    Yes, all Gold customers are still Gold and can continue to use their Gold Card – or any other Starbucks Card registered to their account.  Customers in the Green level will receive their...
    Date Updated: 09/04/2012
  8. I didn’t use my reward and it expired, why do you have expiration dates on rewards?
    Rewards have an expiration date because we want to encourage members to use them. As our most loyal customers we want you to enjoy your birthday reward and earned rewards because you deserve that...
    Date Updated: 04/13/2015
  9. What are badges?
    Badges are a symbolic form of acknowledgement for specific activity that has taken place on your account (i.e. changing levels in the program, reloading your card, earning a free drink or food...
    Date Updated: 06/24/2013
  10. How are badges earned?
    Earning a badge is easy. Click the "See All" link in the Rewards History section and take a look at all of the badges that are available for you to unlock. Simply do what the badge calls for and you...
    Date Updated: 06/24/2013
  11. Can I choose which item I get for free? I’d like to use my free reward for my favorite indulgent drink but I’ll also be getting a pastry or breakfast sandwich during the same visit.
    Yes, you can tell your barista when you want to redeem the free item (must be before it expires). If you have multiple items in the transaction, the highest priced eligible item will be free. Free...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  12. Can I show off the badges that I've earned?
    Yes. You can promote your earned badges through social sharing. Click on a badge in the Reward History carousel and tell your friends all about it through Facebook or Twitter.
    Date Updated: 06/24/2013
  13. How can I sign out of My Starbucks account?
    Click the 'My Account' drop down menu at the top of the page. After the drop down expands, "Sign Out" should be at the bottom right of the menu. Or, try clicking here . To log out of the ...
    Date Updated: 04/30/2015
  14. Which food items are eligible?
    All food items in participating stores are eligible for the free reward, with the exception of multipacks, trays, whole bakery loaves and food items specific to the Starbucks Evenings menu.
    Date Updated: 09/04/2012
  15. What is the “Reward History”?
    The Rewards History section is designed to recognize recent account activity. This recognition is presented in the form of Stars or badges earned.
    Date Updated: 06/24/2013
  16. What products are included in the At-Home coffee and tea bonus Star benefit?
    When you make a purchase using your registered Starbucks Card at participating Starbucks® Stores or online at , you will earn a  Star for that transaction plus an...
    Date Updated: 05/08/2015
  17. I have a La Boulange® gift card. Can I register it with the My Starbucks Rewards™ program?
    Only La Boulange Cards with the 16 digits on the back and the Starbucks copyright printed at the bottom are eligible for the program. However, old gift cards can be exchanged at a store and the...
    Date Updated: 03/27/2014
  18. Does my requalification date change? How do ensure I stay Gold?
    No, requalification dates are not changing and the requirements to requalify are not changing.  Earn 30 Stars within 12 months of registering and you will become Gold, and earn another 30...
    Date Updated: 09/04/2012
  19. When are free food and drink rewards available to use? Are they instantaneously available in the same transaction where I earn my 12th Star?
    Free rewards generally load within 24 hours after you earn your 12th Star and should be ready for your next visit.
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013
  20. Will the program ever change?
    We are always looking for ways to improve our programs and make them better for our customers and reserve the right to change the program at any time. If you have feedback about My Starbucks Rewards...
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013