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  1. How do the free refills on brewed or iced coffee or tea work?
    My Starbucks Rewards™ members at Green and Gold levels are eligible for free refills on brewed or iced coffee or tea beverages of the same size (some restrictions apply), regardless of the original...
    Date Updated: 09/24/2014
  2. Will my barista tell me if I have a free reward waiting on my Starbucks Card?
    No, your barista will not notify you if you have a free food or drink reward waiting - so be sure to watch for email notification, check your rewards status online (
    Date Updated: 10/14/2013
  3. What is a Bonus Star?
    Periodically, the My Starbucks Rewards™ program may offer a bonus Star as an incentive to select members. During the promotional period, when you purchase one of our featured products at...
    Date Updated: 03/27/2014
  4. Can I earn more than 1 free reward before I redeem? Is there a limit to how many free rewards I can have at any given time?
    You continue to earn free rewards for every 12 Stars – and the rewards stay on your account until you use them or they expire.  There is no limit to the number of rewards you can have in...
    Date Updated: 09/04/2012
  5. What is a registered Starbucks Card?
    A registered Starbucks Card is any Starbucks Card that you have registered to your My Starbucks Rewards™ account. To register a Card, or see all of your registered Cards, visit  ...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  6. Do I get to choose when I use my free drink or food reward? I like to choose something special and I don’t want my free reward to automatically deduct when I’m not expecting it to.
    Yes. You are in control of your rewards! Even though your free reward is loaded onto your Card, you have to tell your barista when you want to use it. It does not deduct automatically on your next...
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013
  7. How does My Starbucks Rewards™ work?
    You can join the program 1) by registering any Starbucks®, Teavana®, Evolution Fresh™ or La Boulange® Card with the 16 digits on the back and a Starbucks copyright printed at the bottom at...
    Date Updated: 10/20/2014
  8. Why didn't I get that promotional offer?
    We want to provide you with promotions and offers that are personalized for your Starbucks experience. So the specifics of our offers, promotions and coupons vary by customer. While you may not...
    Date Updated: 11/29/2013
  9. How do I redeem my free birthday drink and other rewards?
    When you have a reward on your account, we'll send you an email. To redeem your reward at a participating Starbucks® or Teavana® store, you'll need a Starbucks Card associated with your account -...
    Date Updated: 10/14/2013
  10. Can I get any drink or food item I want when I redeem my free reward? What’s included?
    With a few exceptions, yes! Present your registered Starbucks Card and your free reward can be redeemed at participating Starbucks® stores for any handcrafted beverage – any size, any flavor and with...
    Date Updated: 10/14/2013
  11. When will I receive my complimentary birthday drink or food reward?
    Once you register your Starbucks Card and provide your birthday and email address, we will send you an email a few days prior to your birthday. This email will let you know that a free reward has...
    Date Updated: 02/18/2015
  12. How do I maintain Gold level status?
    Once you qualify for Gold level, you will be at that level for a full year from the date you qualified. Simply earn 30 additional Stars before your anniversary date (the date you earned Gold) and you...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  13. How do I opt in to receive special offers and promotional emails from Starbucks?
    To make sure you're opted in to receive offers from us or change your contact preferences, click here .  After signing in you will be taken to your contact preferences page. If that doesn't...
    Date Updated: 11/29/2013
  14. How many Starbucks Cards can I register as part of the program?
    You can register an unlimited number of cards to your account, including seasonal cards, mini cards, eGifts, and your personalized Gold Card. However, you may have only one account.
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013
  15. Why didn't I get my bonus star?
    Sorry for the delay! Sometimes it takes us about 24 hours from the time of your purchase to get that bonus star added to your account.
    Date Updated: 12/20/2013
  16. What are the sizes of Starbucks drinks?
    The drink sizes we offer are Short, Tall, Grande, Venti and Trenta...
    Date Updated: 01/21/2015
  17. Do I use my registered Starbucks Card when buying Starbucks® products down the aisle at the grocery store?
    No, you do not use your registered Starbucks Card or Starbucks mobile app when purchasing Starbucks® products in grocery stores. You can still earn a Star on select Starbucks® products in the grocery...
    Date Updated: 03/27/2014
  18. Will the use of any Starbucks Card registered to me count toward my program benefits?
    Yes. The use of any card registered to your account will earn you Stars at participating stores, and enable you to enjoy the benefits associated with your membership level.
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  19. I went to my local grocery store and I don’t see any products with codes. When will they be available?
    The program launched in early May 2013 and it will take time for packages with codes to make their way from our roasting plants into the grocery aisle.  The program continues to ramp up so...
    Date Updated: 11/14/2013
  20. Does the Sterling Silver Starbucks Card come with priority My Starbucks Rewards® status?
    The Sterling Silver Starbucks Card does not come with membership in My Starbucks Rewards®. As with all Starbucks Cards, it can be registered and used to earn rewards through the My Starbucks Rewards®...
    Date Updated: 11/01/2014