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  1. What is a registered Starbucks Card?
    A registered Starbucks Card is any Starbucks Card that you have registered to your My Starbucks Rewards™ account. To register a Card, or see all of your registered Cards, visit  ...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  2. What if I lose my Starbucks Card?
    If your card is registered, your membership in My Starbucks Rewards TM and any remaining card balance will be protected as of the time you notify us of its loss. After logging in to your...
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013
  3. How can I transfer the balance from my old Starbucks Card to a new Starbucks Card?
    Starbucks Cards with balances of $5 or more can be loaded onto another card in Starbucks retail stores. You can also transfer card balances online. After signing in to your
    Date Updated: 09/17/2012
  4. How does My Starbucks Rewards™ work?
    You can join the program 1) by registering any Starbucks®, Teavana®, Evolution Fresh™ or La Boulange® Card with the 16 digits on the back and a Starbucks copyright printed at the bottom at...
    Date Updated: 10/20/2014
  5. How do I register my Starbucks Card online?
    It's easy and only takes a few minutes at . A minimum balance of $5.00 is required to register a physical card and you'll need your card's 16-digit number and the CSC (Card...
    Date Updated: 04/18/2013
  6. What should I do if my Card is lost or stolen?
    We'll gladly replace registered Cards with a balance on them. After logging in to your account, visit the Manage My Cards section and click on the Report Lost/Stolen link. We cannot...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  7. How do I check the balance on my Starbucks Card?
    Go to and click on Check Your Balance. All you'll need is the card's 16-digit number and its CSC (Card Security Code), which is an 8-digit number that can be found under the...
    Date Updated: 09/17/2012
  8. How do I sign up for auto-reload?
    Auto-reload is a great way to get the most of your Starbucks Card. Auto-reload is available for registered U.S.- and Canadian-currency Starbucks Cards. You set the reload amount and your card will be...
    Date Updated: 02/17/2014
  9. How do I register my card online?
    It's easy and only takes a few minutes at A minimum balance of $5.00 is required to register a physical card and you'll need your card's 16-digit number and the CSC...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  10. How do I reload my Starbucks Card?
    It's easy,to reload your Starbucks Card, go to and click on Reload Your Card . Or reload your card in seconds on the mobile app, or go to any participating Starbucks store.
    Date Updated: 03/19/2013
  11. What if I sent an eGift that wasn’t received? What if I don’t receive an eGift that my friend sent me?
    You will receive an email notification that your eGift has been delivered and then another email to let you know it has been viewed. If you have any questions or concerns with the status of an eGift...
    Date Updated: 10/25/2013
  12. Where can I use my Starbucks Card?
    Starbucks Cards are accepted at most Starbucks locations in North America, including airport and grocery locations. Starbucks Cards can also be used interchangeably at most stores in Australia, Hong...
    Date Updated: 10/12/2012
  13. Where is my credit card information stored?
    Your credit card information is never stored on your mobile device. Your credit card information can be stored in your Starbucks Card account if you choose to do so. Storing your credit card...
    Date Updated: 09/24/2012
  14. When I registered, I chose to use Starbucks mobile app but now I would like a physical Starbucks Card. Can I order one?
    No, requesting a Card by mail is a one-time option when you first create an account. If you have a My Starbucks Rewards™ account, you can register any Starbucks Card. Go to any Starbucks store...
    Date Updated: 04/23/2013
  15. Once I have signed up for auto-reload, when can I expect the reloads to occur?
    If you signed up for an amount-based auto-reload, your reload will occur the day after your balance dips to or below the minimum amount you specified. For example, if you chose $10 as your minimum...
    Date Updated: 02/17/2014
  16. How Can I Log Out of My Account?
    Date Updated: 08/09/2013
  17. Can I reload my Starbucks Card?
    Yes, Starbucks Cards are reloadable. At any time, you can reload your Starbucks Card with additional cash. With a registered card, you can even set up auto-reload, which will reload your card when...
    Date Updated: 02/17/2014
  18. What happened to customized card?
    Starbucks has heard from our customers that they want a quick, thoughtful way to send personalized gifts to friends and family. Starbucks eGift gives customers the opportunity to select a design...
    Date Updated: 09/17/2012
  19. Can I manage my Starbucks Card account on my phone?
    You can perform common functions on your device or go to for the full suite of account management features.
    Date Updated: 03/19/2013
  20. How will my friend know I sent them an eGift on their Starbucks Card?
    Once you have finished sending your gift, we will send your friend a notification using the email they have registered on their account. A gift receipt email will also be sent to...
    Date Updated: 03/19/2013