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Why is my coffee brewing too cold?

Coffee should never be so hot as to potentially burn your tongue. However, if the temperature seems too cool for your preference, check the following possible causes:

If you have a Starbucks Barista® series espresso machine, your portafilter and shot glasses need to be preheated. To preheat the portafilter and glasses, fit the empty portafilter onto the brew head and run hot water through the empty portafilter.

With a brewer from the Starbucks Barista Aroma® line, you may want to preheat the carafe with hot water first. After brewing, make sure carafe’s lid is tightly closed.

  1. Brew with ground coffee that is at room temperature.
  2. Steam milk before brewing the espresso.
  3. Check that the ready light is illuminated prior to pulling espresso shots and, again, before steaming.
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