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How do I descale my brewing machine?

We recommend using a natural citric acid based decalcifying agent such as pulp-free lemon juice. . For best results, descale every 3-6 months. Do not use vinegar.

  1. Mix 4 oz. of bottled, non-pulp lemon juice into one full tank of water and mix thoroughly. Replace the tank.. Do not use more than 8 oz. or 1 full cup of lemon juice. 
  2. Remove the single screw holding the flat, round screen underneath the brew head area. The water will now come out in one solid stream. Place one cup under the brew head area and one cup, or other container, under the steam wand.
  3. Turn power on and immediately run one cup of the solution through the steam wand and one cup of the solution through the brewing area. Please note: Do not wait for the ready light to illuminate. Do not use the steam function during the descaling process – simply let the water flow through the steam wand.
  4. Turn the machine off and let the solution sit for 30 minutes. This allows the descaling solution to dissolve internal mineral buildup. Please note: do not let the solution sit longer than the recommended time.
  5. Turn the machine back on and run the majority of the solution through the machine, alternating between the brew head and steam wand. Please note: do not let the machine run out of water.
  6. Turn power off (before the water tank is empty). Remove the water tank. Rinse and refill the water tank with fresh, filtered water and reinsert.
  7. Turn the machine on and run 3-4 tanks of fresh water through the machine to rinse. Again, alternate between flowing water through the brew head and the steam wand.
  8. Turn off the machine and unplug it from the power outlet. Let the machine cool thoroughly.
  9. Replace the brew head screen in the brew head with the smooth side of the screen facing down. Please note: Do not use the machine until the brew head screen has been replaced.
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