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How does my organization receive a donation from Starbucks?

At this time, Starbucks is not seeking opportunities for national or local partnerships or sponsorships. In addition, we are not accepting product or in-kind requests.

We continue to remain focused on funding communities through grants from The Starbucks Foundation programs and our stores local involvement in their communities.

How does an organization qualify for a grant?

Supporting our retail communities through Opportunity for Youth Grants.

The Starbucks Foundation is dedicated to supporting pathways of employment and training for opportunity youth ages 16 to 24 years old . These grants are made through an invitation only process. Please visit the Starbucks Opportunity for Youth webpage to read more.

Collaborating on projects that support social investments in coffee-, tea- and cocoa-producing communities.

Starbucks supports sustainable programs that meet these communities' specific needs. Projects have included improving access to education and agricultural training, microfinance and microcredit services, improving biodiversity conservation, and increasing levels of health, nutrition and water sanitation. The Starbucks Foundation also makes contributions from the Ethos Water Fund to water projects in coffee, tea and cocoa communities through an invitation only process.

Engagement of our partners (employees) with organizations they feel passionate about.

Starbucks encourages our partners (employees) to get involved in organizations they have an interest in and feel passionate about. Partners (employees) can submit Community Service and Partner Match requests to match their volunteer hours and personal contributions they make to nonprofit organizations.

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