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Starbucks Security Video Request - Frequently Asked Questions

How will Starbucks provide the security video, if available?

When available, security video will be provided electronically though our digital evidence management system. In cases where excessive video files are required, an external storage device may be used and charged back to the requesting party.

Do all Starbucks locations have security video capabilities?


How is security video retained at Starbucks?

Security video is retained on equipment located at each individual store equipped with video recording systems.

How long is security video retained on Starbucks store video equipment?

If the store is equipped with security video cameras and all equipment is functioning properly, certain security equipment may retain video up to 30-days or longer, depending on the equipment available at the store.

What determines the length of time security video is retained?

Many factors determine the length of time security video is retained, including but not limited to:

- Functionality of the equipment;

- Correct settings (Camera, Digital Video Recorder, Network connectivity, etc.);

- Uninterrupted power at the site;

- Equipment: The type of security video equipment at the store; and

- Disk space: The amount of disk space on the Digital Video Recorder Motion: Many Starbucks security video cameras activate/record on motion. A Starbucks location that is open 24-hours will use more disk space and may retain less security video than a store that is not.

How is security video accessed?

In most cases, security video from a Starbucks owned location is accessed remotely via a network connection.  Since most Starbucks store partners (employees) do not have the training or knowledge to access the security video, a qualified technician may be dispatched to retrieve the video files onsite.

Can anyone obtain Starbucks security video?

No. When available, Starbucks will provide video to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and other approved parties at its sole discretion and with proper documentation and/or a valid warrant or subpoena.

How many cameras are installed in stores with security video systems?

The number of security cameras at our stores vary. Most video security cameras in our stores capture money exchange areas within the store, with very little coincidental coverage of the exterior of the store, or the lobby/seating area of the store. Additionally, stores that have video cameras in the drive thru are used for queue monitoring purposes only, and do not have recording capabilities.

Will there be a charge for video provided, if available?  

At Starbucks discretion, a service or processing fee may apply.

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