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  1. Where can I use my Starbucks Card? Starbucks Cards are accepted at most Starbucks locations in North America, including airport and grocery locations. Starbucks Cards can also be used interchangeably at most stores in Australia, Hong... Date Updated: 06/03/2016
  2. Can I return a Starbucks Card that I purchased or received as a gift? If you have a Starbucks Card that hasn't been used, you may return it by calling 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282). You'll be asked to provide the original receipt. We'll send your refund check to you in the... Date Updated: 06/03/2016
  3. How do I know how much closer I am towards earning stars for a Bonus Star Challenge? When the app is opened, the promotional offers that you are eligible to participate in will appear on the main screen or on the "Active Offers" tab within "Inbox".   Once you have... Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  4. Can I still qualify to earn Bonus Stars if I made an eligible purchase and then opted into the offer afterwards? As long as you joined, activated or opted into the offer during the promotional period, even after you made the eligible purchase, your eligible purchase can still count towards earning Bonus... Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  5. Why did I not get certain promotional offers in my app? We provide you with offers that are personalized for your Starbucks experience.  Thus, the specifics of our offers vary by customer.  While you may not receive a particular offer... Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  6. Where can I locate my offers in the app? On the main screen of the app, navigate to "Inbox" and your current and past offers should be located in the respective "Active Offers" and "Past Offers" tabs.  You can also view current... Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  7. If I have joined, activated or opted into an offer through email, do I have to repeat the same actions for the same offer I see in the app? You can choose to join, activate or opt into an offer through either your email or app.  Once you do so, the specific offer on the Starbucks app will automatically start tracking your... Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  8. How do I track the rewards earned for my Bonus Star Challenge? When the app is opened, navigate to the "History" tab under the main screen and the Bonus Stars you earned will appear under the "Promotion" label.   Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  9. Why don’t I see all the offers that I have previously received in the “Past Offers” tab? The "Past Offers" tab only shows the offers you have joined, activated or opted into.  If you did not join, activate or opt into an offer, you will not see the specific offer in the "Past... Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  10. When will the stars from my purchases show up? It may take up to a week for Bonus Stars to appear in the app once redeemed. Date Updated: 10/03/2016
  11. I was at the Green Level prior to the launch of the new program. What am I now? If you were at the Green Level in the old program, you are still Green in the new program. There has never been an easier time to become Gold, however—as part of our promotion to celebrate the launch... Date Updated: 05/02/2016
  12. Why do I see a delay in the ‘Opt-In’ offer status being reflected in the app? When a customer Opts-in on the last day of the offer period, there may be delays in reflecting the change of state from 'Opt-In' to the 'Offer tracking' state. Eligible purchases during this delay... Date Updated: 10/03/2016